The Art Of Free Form Creativity

One of my favorite creative endeavors is to casually start playing around with whatever art medium is close by and see where it goes.  It might be colored pencils, paints or scraps of wood; similar to what a musician might do when picking up a guitar or a trumpet that’s lying around. The idea is to just start without any predetermined ideas or expectations.  In other words, working as close to subconsciously as possible.  I like to think of it as Free Form Creativity.

Often times I’ll use this concept with my photographs.  I’ll look through my photography files on the computer and quickly pick out an image that doesn’t necessarily strike me as having potential for a finished “work of art”.  And then using Photoshop, I’ll just start experimenting with settings, filters and the various sliders and buttons to see what will happen to the image.  The majority of the time I have no idea what kind of effect these things will have on my image.  This is in large part to the fact that I am no Photoshop expert.  So I am just trying things out, having fun and learning along the way.

It’s all about experimentation and enjoying the moment as it happens.  I always come away with new things learned and sometimes a new piece of artwork at the end.

Below is an example of a Free Form Creativity session where I quickly picked out a relatively unremarkable photograph I had taken.  The photo was taken on a day of photographing crows for a future project and was never intended to be a finished photograph or work of art on its own.  But after around an hour of Photoshop fun, it became something unexpected.

Original Photo

The Original Photograph

Rising Sun

The End Result, Entitled "Rising Sun"

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