Follow The Creative Path

Fear Not The Pencil

How many times in a conversation about artistic talent or creativity have you heard someone say, “I can’t even draw a straight line”?  Maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

It often appears that the majority of people associate drawing as the yardstick of measure on whether one is creative or has artistic talent.

So it needs to be said right here, right now that there are many artists, including successful professionals, that can’t draw a straight line to save their life.  And that’s ok.  And likewise it’s ok for you too.

So now that the drawing misconception and consequential mental roadblock has quickly fallen to the wayside, the path is wide open to discover which artistic medium will bring you joy and satisfaction.  The list of the things that one can do is long and varied so it’s a matter of trying different things and finding the perfect one for yourself.  Discovery is half the fun.

To help get the creative journey rolling, here is a partial list of mediums and artistic endeavors that may bring out the repressed artist in you or someone you love: photography, jewelry/beading, working with clay, woodcarving, various paint mediums such as watercolors, sewing, candle/soap making and collage.  Be sure to try both two-dimensional and three-dimensional medium types, as one may come more naturally and be more enjoyable to you.

Your local bookseller or library is a great place to get ideas and community colleges often offer classes in various mediums.  Everybody can be creative and enjoy making something with their own hands and a little imagination.  Some find it to be painting while others photography.  It is waiting to be discovered in all of us.

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