In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

…art will be taught in grade school again.

…life will imitate art.

…artists won’t be depicted in the movies as drunks, druggies and weirdo’s.

…artists living in America will be able to support themselves with their art only and will not need a “day job”.

…the general public will buy real, handmade and original artist created art and not big store or “mall” art.

…artists will not be starving.

…art schools will be grounded in reality.

…the general public will buy art for its meaning and emotion and not because it matches the sofa.

…the “Art World” will drop its self destructive, snobby-ness ways.

…artists will discover there are other colors of clothing to wear besides black.

…an artist won’t have to be dead to be famous.

…the “Art World” will be able to see the humor in itself.

…the idea of the reclusive artist will become the myth it is.

…an artist will be president.

…art gallery employees will acknowledge visitors when they walk in the door.

…artists will have more influence than politicians.

…there will be unique, artist made works of art in your home.

…painting will stop being labeled as ‘dead’.

…art critics will be required to be licensed and bonded.

…computer generated artwork will hang on museum walls next to Picasso and Monet paintings.

…the art you create will be on the covers of art magazines.

…the art you create will be in art history books.

…art and artists won’t need funding.

…there won’t be a need for critics…oh, wait…

Someday… is a list of musings, thoughts, dreams, comments and observations that are at times intended to be humorous and at other times serious.  Many of these made their first appearance as tweets on my Twitter page.  This list will expand…someday.

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