Artist Banksy Creates Picasso’s Guernica In The Streets Of New York City

The Artist Banksy has created a work of Art that I would argue is one his most powerful to date, not on canvas but appropriately in the streets of New York City. The work is posted on his New York Artists residency site Better Out Than In and is dated October 9, 2013. There is an audio guide that accompanies the work and is a must listen to while viewing the artwork.

As I tweeted today on Twitter “Banksy is one of the rare Artists today that is doing relevant political work” after seeing the new painting, I realized this is the 2013 equivalent of Picasso’s famous Guernica painting with every bit of the emotion and power. Banksy I believe, has matched Picasso’s Holy Grail for creating a work of art that speaks volumes to not only an event but to humanity itself. Was Banksy inspired by Picasso’s Guernica? Probably, but the point is he has powerfully put the hammer down and fearlessly created an Artwork that is devastating in its social and political statement like Picasso did in 1937.

This is not a still-life or landscape painting. This is war.

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